Monday, September 29, 2008


I am finally, FINALLY finished with my pattern submission for the winter issue of Popknits. I spent the entire weekend and a good portion of this evening crunching numbers for my pattern. I thought to myself last week, oh that shouldn't be too hard I could do it in a day. And yet all that math was bending my brain all weekend long. Sometimes the numbers just don't add up and I yell to myself WHY WHY WHY??? I have a degree in fashion, sat through all those patternmaking and grading classes and yet it still all baffles me. Makes me wonder if all the fabulous knitting designers that I admire (Ysolda Teague, Joan McGowan-Michael, etc) have problems grading their patterns too.

But now I can relax for awhile and dream up new ideas for spring. Oh, and I can spend more time with my part-time (soon to be full-time) dog that insists on sitting on my lap while I'm trying to work.

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Beyla said...

Che is soo cute!! Right now I'm more than ready to give you Rummel and take Che with me. I bet he isn't doing the high pitched whining 24-7 right?
I'm so glad your pattern is finally finished. more time for other stuff, one load off of your mind, and soon to be published!! SO COOL!!