Monday, September 15, 2008

LA County Fair

Went to the LA County Fair last Saturday. It was a lot of fun! Quite humid in the morning and then HOT in the afternoon, but definitely worth all the sweating. Of course, the first thing I did was run straight over to the Tapestry building. I entered 3 projects: a handwoven faux ikat shawl, an entrelac scarf, and a burgundy cardigan using Joan McGowan-Michael's pattern "Colette". Of all three projects, I thought the handwoven shawl would have won something, but the judges surprised me. No ribbon for the shawl, but I was lucky enough to get 2nd place for my entrelac scarf and third place for my cargidan.

Someone working for the fair saw me taking a picture of my cardigan and asked me what pattern I used and where she could buy it. I was happy to tell her (it is a great pattern, after all). She said she wasn't a judge but she was there while the judges were going over all the projects, and apparently they really liked my sweater, but thought I didn't do a good job of blocking it so they took off a few points. Oops.. I guess my blocking skills need some improvement. I think that sweater was my first attempt at sewing pieces together and blocking.

I'm already thinking about what I can enter in the fair next year! I guess I have a lot of time to think up something fabulous, and to practice blocking :)

After visiting the Tapestry building, I went over to see all the barnyard animals. I loved the petting zoo, I tried to makes friends with the goats but they just liked me for the food I had in my hand. There were a few sheep that looked like they desperately needed to be sheared, I can't imagine how hot they were in the 90 degree heat.

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Beyla said...

Naaaaw, you and that goat seems to get along just fine ;) Plus, food is all those little goofs care about. I did tell you about the sheep that would lower her head and run to ram my butt when she had finished all her snacks? MORE! apparently ;) I learned pretty quick to sidestep when I heard her come running behind me aiming for my tush :p
I am still sleepy!! I was so tired when we got home last night, the good kind of tired you know after hiking and having a bonfire and having hot cocoa with cognac in it.. add on the full moon and you'll see how it was a perfect evening!! Too bad we can't do that tonight, but we have to get up real early tomorrow to drop me off at the airport, I'm off to the hospital - again :p Spinal punction is absolutely no fun, cause I won't be able to walk properly for at least a week.