Wednesday, January 9, 2008

inconvienient inspiration

I get the best ideas at the most inconvienient times. Usually its while I'm driving, trying to fall asleep, or in the shower. So I've taken to keeping a notepad in the car (but only jotting down my ideas when i've stopped!), and a notepad and flashlight next to my bed. I still haven't found a good solution for the shower. I guess its when I am relaxed that those brilliant ideas just pop into my head.

Last night I was trying to work on a design for summer than I want to submit for publication. It seemed like nothing was turning out right. The yarn was labeled worsted weight, but I ended up having to use much smaller needles than I anticipated. Then the stitch pattern I wanted to use wasn't working. I spent the next couple of hours trying to find something that would work. I finally found one, but then I couldn't find a decorative rib that I liked. After frogging about a dozen times, it was almost midnight and I gave up and went to bed. About five minutes after I turned off the light, all sorts of ideas popped into my head. On came the flashlight and I jotted them down. But mostly I wanted to sleep! Today during my lunch hour I will try them out and see if they really are brilliant or not!

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