Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three Cheers for Variegated Yarn!

I love variegated yarn. I remember getting a ball of pink, purple and aqua Red Heart Super Saver when I was a kid, and it was love at first sight. My mom crocheted a blanket for my favorite bear out of this yarn, and from then on I just wanted more rainbow yarn.

Last night I started to knit Knitty's Ice Queen with a sock yarn in shades of red, purple and brown. It occured to me that I get most excited about working on projects with multicolored yarn, and I usually finish them much faster that projects with plain yarn. Why is this? Well I think I just love seeing the changes in color. I am an impatient knitter, and I think watching the colors change and seeing how they look next to each other pushes me to knit more and more. I know I shouldn't stay up late knitting, but I keep pleading with myself, just one more round! I want to see how the purple looks next to the orange! I want to see the red change to brown!

I knit Iris Schreier's Sheer One-Piece Shawl as a Christmas present with a variegated pink yarn, and I just loved watching the shades of pink form the modular squares. I am lucky to have enough leftover yarn to make myself one of these shawls. In fact, I am excited to knit more of the projects in Modular Knits, because multicolored yarn really shows of the angles of modular knitting.

So, three cheers for variegated yarn!

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